When opening a new restaurant, you have to think of a lot of things: choosing the right location, the menu, the recipes, the organization of the team, the promotion… The choice of tables and chairs on which your customers will sit can seem a simple formality to you. However, it is of crucial importance!

Choosing the right tables and chairs for a restaurant is far from easy! There are a host of parameters to consider: the price, of course, but also the design, the practicality, the space constraints… To help you, here are 7 professional tips to choose the furniture in your establishment.

chairs in a restaurant

1. Choose furniture that matches your menu

Don’t forget, your restaurant is telling a story! You offer your customers the opportunity to enter your world for a meal. So make sure that the decor contributes to creating the atmosphere and emotions you want to create.

Relaxed and cosy atmosphere? Or rather refined and trendy? Whatever the style of your establishment, make sure that the layout of the premises reflects your approach.

2. Think functionality and comfort

If design is a criterion to be taken into account, it should never be favoured at the expense of functionality and comfort. Think about it, you will have to regularly move your chairs and tables according to your customers’ needs.

Moreover, and especially if your establishment invites you to sit at the table for long periods of time, the comfort of your chairs can make all the difference for your customers.

3. Make your life easier

Think about how your restaurant will live in the long term. Will you have to store chairs in a confined space? It may be worth considering the purchase of stackable chairs.

If you choose upholstered chairs, you should also choose easy-to-clean upholstery.

4. Vary the configurations

If space allows, creating multiple zones within your room may be a good idea to accommodate different groups and types of clients.

Thus, a “lounge” area or a bar will allow you to install those who want to have an aperitif or to keep your customers waiting until a table becomes available. Tables of different sizes will allow couples to be placed as well as larger groups.

5. Choose sustainability

Please note that not all tables and chairs are suitable for professional use. While it may be tempting to turn to cheap solutions, you may have to replace your furniture faster than expected.

Choose tables and chairs designed for professional use, strong and long-lasting.

6. Organize your space carefully

To optimally organize the layout of your room, make a plan of it. Plan easy traffic flows at critical points: between the kitchen and the dining room, at the restaurant entrance, between tables, at the bar… Make it easier for your staff and customers to move around.

7. The little detail that changes everything: the skates

There is nothing more unpleasant than the squeaking of a chair leg on the floor. Be sure to equip the feet of your chairs with skates to avoid friction and scratches on your floor.